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The Art of Vendor Escalation and Management

When to escalate w/ Vendors?

When engaging with a market data vendor during a renewal, escalation can be a highly
effective negotiation strategy. Most individuals’ tasks with managing these
market data vendor renewals have no authority to approve spend.

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Soft Doller Administration

Soft Dollar Administration

What are soft dollars?  

Soft dollars are a means of paying for market data and research services through a brokerage firm’s account rather than your own company’s account. In general, soft dollar arrangements are allowable, so long as the services purchased with client commissions are used by the investment management firm to support their investment decision making process.   

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Market Data Spend Management & BI Analytics

Effectively tracking market data spend across the organization can be a challenge for most firms. Implementing an inventory management system and using business intelligence software for spend reporting can lead to large cost savings.

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Market Data Vendor Management

The first two articles in this series focused on the Challenges of Managing Market Data and Market Data Licensing Recommendations. Now we focus on market data vendor management.

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The Challenges of Managing Market Data

The market data needs for the financial services industry is at an all-time high. With constant expansion, it’s becoming an increasingly critical component of the business, touching nearly every aspect of it.

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S4 Gets Published on Inside Market Data

Market data veteran Bernardo Santiago launched a new Miami-based data consultancy last week, dubbed S4 Market Data, which will focus on providing outsourced market data management services to firms in the South Florida area that lack a fully dedicated market data management function.

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