March 2, 2018

S4 Market Data Launches LATAM FX Rates and Bitcoin LATAM FX Cross Rates on MarketDesk Free Mobile App

March 2, 2018 | By Bernardo Santiago

S4 Market Data has partnered with ydotm to launch LATAM FX Rates and Bitcoin LATAM FX Cross Rates on the MarketDesk free mobile app. These pages streams real-time prices onto one screen so that users can easily keep abreast of the market and compare prices. Both companies believe that the increasing customer and regulatory demands for market transparency, the explosive growth and adoption of mobile Apps, and the speed and cost advantages of the cloud, internet and mobile networks will fundamentally transform the financial content business.

The MarketDesk app is free and available at the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). There is no registration of login required. Just download and use.

MarketDesk was designed and developed by ydotm, LLC, a FinTech company focused on the mobile distribution of financial content. The Founders are former entrepreneurs and senior executives of market data and electronic trading firms. 


About S4 Market Data

S4 Market Data was founded in 2017, and they help small to medium sized financial institutions manage market data spend and mitigate data compliance risk.  They have over 15+ years of market data administration and vendor management experience.