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Are you effectively tracking and allocating expenses? Do you know your per user costs? 


Do you have the right vendors? Are you aware of your upcoming contracts and cancellation terms?


Are you mandating costs savings? Do you have a precise and full view of your data spend?


Do you know if you’re properly licensed? Are you actively and accurately reporting to exchanges?

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Market Data As A Managed Service

We help financial institutions build and manage their market data programs.  A comprehensive program around vendor management and administration focuses on: keeping an accurate and current inventory  of market data services, users, and costs; on achieving tangible cost savings and avoidance, and; on ensuring there is no audit/compliance exposure.  

We’ve worked with numerous market data vendors like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet and exchanges like; NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, etc. Market Data spend for broker/dealers, hedge funds, and banks is a top 5 direct cost.  If managed improperly it could lead to cost inefficiency, ineffective data usage, inadequate administration, and potential exchange/vendor audit risk.


Market Data Management Challenges

With over 20+ years collectively managing market data we’ve established industry best practices and methods to tackle our client’s core market data management challenges.

  • Administration: tracking all market data subscription details across the firm (e.g. vendors, services, costs, and users).
  • Vendor management: market data sourcing, contract negotiation / renewals, and vendor relationship management.
  • Compliance: managing vendor agreements, exchange reporting, and compliance and audit risk.
  • Cost Optimization: reducing growing costs, providing dynamic cost reporting,  and consolidating vendors and services.

Market Data Analysis Using BI

We use business intelligence software like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik to improve your cost reporting and management processes.  With these tools we can provide a dynamic level of transparency and granularity to costs that help business manager’s identify, communicate, and reduce costs on a frequent basis. 

“Having S4 build a dashboard with dynamic metrics and data hierarchies to track our market data costs really helped our division to understand what encompassed our largest expenditures, ways we could reduce this, and made it easier to communicate to our end-users and traders” – Broker/Dealer Client (2018



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